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Experts in Energy Efficiency and Project Management


G2 Architecture was born in Marbella like a company of services dedicated to the architecture and the integral management of construction projects.

We are a team that it integrates professionals of different disciplines to develop all kinds of projects and technical papers.

We manage and control all the work processes, this way we can offer to the client an integral management of the whole project or only of a part, this way adapt ourselves to every need.


G2 Technical Architecture Marbella carries out the Integral Management of Construction Projects or Project Management in Marbella and the entire Costa del Sol, through our technical architects and collaborators. The client contracts a Project Management service that includes the coordination, control and management of all the construction processes that will be developed to achieve the final goal: finish the work in term, cost and with the highest quality. To achieve this goal, we will do it in three phases. The first doing a feasibility study of the entire project to ensure the feasibility of it. The second dividing in batches or execution packages all the chapters of the work directly contracted by the client to specialized companies, instead of a single General Contractor. This is what is known as Construction Management. And third, we offer a Maintenance Service so that your home is always like the first day without worrying about anything. With our way of working, in G2 Arquitectura Técnica Marbella we will assign a responsible technical architect for the entire construction process until it finishes. This will ensure that the work is executed correctly and will coordinate the subcontracts according to the schedule. G2 Project Management we will present the budgets of the different pre-selected subcontractors, being the customer always the last one to decide which of them interest him or even proposing others that are of his interest. During the construction process, the customer only has to worry about choosing the finishing materials and dealing with the payments of the subcontractors, according to a list of monthly payments along with the verified and validated certifications of each supplier.

The Technical Architect Project Manager of G2 Arquitectura Técnica Marbella is in charge of the whole process, defending the interests of our client against subcontractors and ensuring the good execution of the works, at the best possible price and within the stipulated period.

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The office of G2 Arquitectura Técnica Marbella emerges as the answer of a technical architect to the needs of our clients. We offer you any service you need in the field of our professional skills as Technical Architect within the building sector. This will leads us to be at the forefront of knowledge of the building sector; Both of its techniques, of the science on which it is based or of the consequences on the user. Therefore, from the technical architecture office of G2 Arquitectura Técnica Marbella we know and can explain, teach to use and improve the majority of the products and components that are used in the building. And if something escapes us, we seek and assimilate it in our knowledge network. And all this helps us to be able to respond to any need, either as a Technical Architect or as a technical link between the architect and the construction company. Coming to cover all the spectrum that the building and its users or companies require. Whether from the initial study of customer needs or advice for the selection of strategies or systems, to the coordination and management of the work. Our Technical Architects will attend any need you may have, offering you solutions to your problems with the speed, quality and guarantee you need. The technical services we offer are:

Reform Projects.

Direction and Execution of Work.

Safety and Health in Construction.

Pre-Purchase / Rental Status Report. Survey of Building Plans.

Measurements and Budgets of Works.

Valuations and Real Estate Valuations.

Building Evaluation Report.

Certificate of Seniority of Housing.

Expert Appraisal Contradictory.

Processing of Licenses.

Personal Shopper Real Estate.

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On 25 October 2012, the European Parliament’s Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27 / EU was adopted with the aim of establishing concrete measures to ensure the achievement of the 2020 target of reducing energy consumption by 20% . The consumption of the buildings supposes around 40% of the consumption of the energy of the European Union. In buildings, energy is demanded depending on the enclosure made up of the windows and windows, orientation, occupation and use. This energy demand is satisfied with equipment and installations of Hot Water, Heating, Air Conditioning and Lighting that operate with a determined energy performance. The energy consumption of the building is obtained from the ratio of the demand for the building to the performance of the installations. There are numerous actions that reduce the consumption of buildings, all supported by our team of G2 Technical Architecture Marbella: Use equipment of low energy consumption and high efficiency to achieve savings of up to 80%. Through the realization of an Energy Certificate we can know the energy behavior of our property to know how to improve it so that it consumes less energy. Ensure that the new buildings have the lowest energy consumption possible with the installation of thermal insulation and / or double glazing, sun protection elements, etc. Rehabilitate buildings according to energy efficiency criteria, according to the improvement measures proposed in the Energy Audit report. Perform a proper Energy Management, and a correct. Energy management through energy services companies (ESE) is an optimal option that allows efficient and well-maintained facilities.

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The interior design basically involves many projects related to each other, drafted by technical architects, so that the interior of a space is functional, effective, beautiful and adapts to the lifestyle of the people who live there. It includes the conceptual development or design of the interior space, which in turn can include everything from the design of the woodwork to the windows and other large and small features of the interior spaces. It also includes coordination between the workforce and the customer, obtaining supplies at a reasonable price, supervising the project and finally finishing it. We can say that the interior decoration is only a part of the interior design developed by our team of G2 Arquitectura Técnica Marbella. An interior decorator is especially responsible for decorating the interior of a space and give the finishing touches. Decorators have to deal with topics such as: what wallpaper, carpets, curtains can be used in a space? What kind of furniture should be placed in each interior space? Color schemes, room themes, furnishing arrangement, arrangement of decoration items and what kind of lighting fixtures will be used. In the simplest sense of the word, as its name implies; The decorators are in charge of decorating the spaces. At G2 Arquitectura Técnica Marbella, our team of technical architects will design and decorate your property with a turnkey Interior Design Project if you wish. We take care of everything or we can advise you of only one part or we can make of Personal Shopper of Decoration and accompany you to the choice of the finishes of your house.

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