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Energy audit

auditoría energética

Energy Audit

Methodology entrusted to analyze and to detect those active and passive energy audit sources of the building, later to decide and to take decisions as for its progress of energy efficiency, always looking for the biggest economic and technical viability in performance proposal.

The purpose is to optimize and to reduce the energy consumption of the real estate, maintaining and improving at the same time the comfort and the safety of the persons who inhabit them.

When must we think of realizing an energy audit?

If we believe that in a certain place:

  • Slightly efficient devices are used.
  • A scarce maintenance is carried out in the teams.
  • There take place losses of heat or of cold for a deficient isolation.
  • There is an ignorance of the suitable habits of consumption.
  • We do not have the comfort that we would like having

What is analyzed in an energy audit?

In G2 Architecture we are specialists in efficiency and energy saving. We analyze the place to be audited thoroughly and realize an energy diagnosis of the installation:

  • Consumption habits.
  • Heating equipment and air conditioning
  • Electrical equipment
  • Teams of lighting
  • Thermal isolation of the installation

Will I know how much can I save with the energy audit?

After the analysis, our Energy Manager team writes a measurements battery to correct the excess of energy consumption. Each of the measurements qualifies according to the energy saving, the economic saving that he would suppose, the investment necessary to implement it and its period of economic comeback.

Can I benefit from the subsidies for energy audit?

We will advise them in the search and management of the subsidies and helps destined for studies of energy auditand for the implantation of the proposed measurements. G2 Architecture we are a collaborating company of the Andalusian Agency of the Energy.

In Global Building Management, our team of  Energetic Managers and Building Engineers will advise you in a personalized way

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