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Energy Certificate

energy certificate

The certificate of energy efficiency or energy certificate is an official document written by a competent technician who includes objective information about the energy characteristics of a building.
In this sense, the energy certification qualifies a building calculating the necessary annual energy consumption to satisfy the energy demand of a building in normal conditions of occupation and functioning. (it includes the production of hot water, heating, lighting, refrigeration and ventilation).
The process of the energy certification concludes with the emission of a Certificate of Energy Efficiency and the allocation of an Energy Tag. The scale of energy qualification is seven letters and it changes between the letters A (building more efficient strongly) and G (building less efficient strongly). The energy tag expresses the energy qualification of a building granting one of these letters.

By means of the energy certification it is possible to know the energy behavior of a building and how to improve it so that it consumes less energy and, therefore, to limit the amount of the invoices of light, water and gas as well as the emission of CO2 to the ambience.

Last April 13, 2013, in the number 89 of the Official Bulletin of the State, section of General Dispositions, the approval of the RD was published 235/2013 by the one that approves the Basic Procedure for the Certification of the Energy Efficiency of the Buildings.

It is obligatory for all the existing real estate that are selling or renting.

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