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Energetic Manager


The figure of the Energetic Manager consists of improving the level of energy efficiency of a building to be able to reach a few desirable aims of efficiency and saving of energy, as well as of commitment with the environment.

The Energetic Manager will advise him on the tasks related to the supply and energy consumption, and especially with the need to realize an efficient use of the energy to promote the saving of energy, they consume valuable resources that we can optimize if really we are compromised by the sustainability of the natural resources of the planet.

In G2 Architecture we are conscious of the importance of the energetic sustainability, for what we are a company of energetic services in whom entrusting the tasks of management of saving of energy.

With our help, you will be able to obtain the best advantages that the energetic market can offer you thanks to the helps of our energetic advisers. In addition, we will do to you an offer of measures of made-to-measure improvement to obtain the major saving of energy.
The energetic manager will realize a series of functions, between which it is necessary to stand out:

  • Saving of energy in the contracting supply: saving electric power and gas.
    · Follow-up of the energy consumptions.
    · To take the energetic accounting.
    · To elaborate offers of improvement of the energy efficiency of the facilities and the surrounding one of the building.
    · To carry out the follow-up of the installation monitoring in remotely the installation to expire with the aims of energy efficiency marked in the plan of action.

In Global Building Management, our team of  Energetic Managers and Building Engineers will advise you in a personalized way

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