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Project Feasibility Studies

project-feasibility-studiesfeasibility study consists of the compilation, analysis and evaluation of the different economic variables (price of the soil and construction price, times, promotion, financing, commercialization and sale) with the intention of determining if it is necessary to carry out or not a construction project.

In the study there are analyzed the different architectural possibilities of soils and real estate: uses, maximum uses, occupation, image, form … in order to extract the maximum yield to the investment to be realized.

The basic intentions of a feasibility study are: to demonstrate the viability of the business to investors, proprietors and financial institutions and to estimate the possible yield or economic profit of a real estate investment. The study formalizes, documents and confirms the idea of the proposed business, reducing the associated risk of taking a decision of investment lightly. We must clarify, nevertheless, that it is not a success guarantee. The study must behave in an objective way so that it fulfills its intention.

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