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Project Management

project management

What is the Project Management discipline?

When a client decides to tackle a construction project, Project Management G2 Architecture takes the reins of the whole process, from the Feasibility study up to the delivery of the work.

Project Management is a discipline which includes, planning, organization and control of the resources for the purpose of reaching the targets proposed to achieve success in one or more projects whithin the established limitations. These limits are usually scope, time, quality and estimate.

Thus the purpose of the project management is to coordinate all the resources available to obtain the final target of the client: on the target time, with the due cost and with the maximum quality.

Who is the Project Manager?

The team is led by the project Director (Project Manager) who is the only contact for the client for all aspects of the process of development. We create a plan for the project and ensure that every stage is achieved correctly and on time.
We are able to recommended a external services and to negociate contracts with for example architects, builders, lawyers, constructors, interior desingers and landscape architects. Our commercial relations with a large number of professionals allow us to assure the best prices and flexible agreements.
We incorporate a wide tender process, this way the best builder is chosen for the project at the best price and conditions.

We are sure that all legal requirements are met and that valid licenses are obtained. These vary according to the locality, but normally we need licenses from the municipal authorities and we can negociate specific permissions in accordance with local planning rules.

The Project Manager provides communication between the client and the team of suppliers, approving and supervising every detail of every component during every stage of the process of development and solving the inevitable difficulties that arise along the way. Regular reports are provided to the client, giving details of progress on the project.

The Project Manager makes sure that the project develops according to the agreed plan and whithin the established parameters. Thereby, we supervise the project from the initial stages to the direction of the construction, coordinating the first ocupation license and list of revisions.

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